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Founded by Adam Wanstall in 2008, DreamCatcher Productions are a non-profit, youth interest organisation offering unique opportunities to the younger generation interested in music, entertainment and performance. Working within the Sussex and Surrey area.

“I first found my way in this industry at the age of about 7 or 8, when a youth theatre company let me work backstage on the music for one of their productions. This was such an amazing thing for me, and that’s why I believe in offering opportunities to the next generation!”

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Since first opening DreamCatcher Productions have worked with over a thousand performers and young people from all walks of life giving them the chance to take their first steps into the world of performance and live entertainment. We have produced many live stage productions; a handful of which being completely sold out!

“I started the organisation to pursue a career in the entertainment world, but when I realised the potential benefit DreamCatcher Productions could have on others, my objectives changed and the organisation that stands today is the final product.”

The team here at DreamCatcher Productions is made up of passionate and dedicated volunteers who share the same vision; presenting a blank canvas, allowing young people to run free with their imagination, express true emotion and exhibit something beautiful and original giving a diverse and energetic edge to the local arts development.


The DreamCatcher Productions events team work on many types of different events including our own in-house events and local community projects as well as working with local dance and performing arts schools within the area.


We work hard to build long term relationships within the community, providing our support and services to local venues, charities, community events and small businesses. We aim to work with third parties that share the same values as we do, and those that show an interest in the support and growth of the local arts development.


Originally DreamCatcher Productions was set-up under funding from the West Sussex Youth Opportunities Fund, and West Sussex Youth Forum. Following the success of our work within the community we were granted additional funding from the YOFSCAR Awards. After the closure of this program; the remaining funds from previous grants was used to generate our own income to continue our work.  DreamCatcher Productions now generate it’s own funding through ticket sales, services such as mobile disco’s and PA hires, public donations, and one-off grants.


DreamCatcher Productions is run by a management committee who are all volunteers and receive no financial gain from the organisation, they are all involved because they have a passion for what the organisation stands for and want to help it follow its aims and achieve the best for the community and the young people.

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Decisions on how the organisations funds are spent is down to the management committee with support and suggestions from volunteers, performers, young people and the general public.


“DreamCatcher Productions is more than just an organisation to me, it is something that has become a part of me!"


There are a lot of people who have been a part of DreamCatcher Productions over the years, We have a fantastic team working behind the scenes that all give up their time to invest in others...


I would like to use this opportunity to personally thank every single person who has made a contribution or supported DreamCatcher Productions in the last decade, our events team, the management committee, from audience members to facebook supporters, the dance schools, their teachers and chaperones, performers, photographers, customers and clients, technicians, theatre staff, funders, the local press and of course our amazing Junior DJ’s and their parents!”

Adam Wanstall

Founder & Owner

DreamCatcher Productions

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