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We host a wide variety of events throughout the year that are open to the general public. Click on the posters to the right to find out more information.

Operating as a non-profit organisation we rely on attendance and ticket purchases like yours to enable us to continue to provide and develop the opportunities we offer young performers. We encourage anyone and everyone to attend our events regardless of their connection to the performers. Our events are designed to create a community atmosphere that aim to entertain an audience.

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Our in-house events are hosted with the young performer in mind. We create a blank canvas; open stage for not only dance and performing arts schools but solo artists also to showcase their talent and gain valuable experience in a professional environment.

We work extremely hard to ensure every event we are involved in has a space allocated for the young people to demonstrate, explore, and experiment with a live audience, helping them develop and grown as a perform.

We want to bring people together, and that is why we encourage all types of talents to take part from varied walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Our events aim to value diversity and individuality as well as entertain.


All of our events are based on the success of the previous, and we are continually learning and investing in our productions to greater benefit young performers, the future belongs to every young person that walks on to our stage.

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We have a variety of opportunities available for the young performer, here is what is coming up:

Saturday 18th May - DJ Project Open Day


Saturday 28th September - Talent Fest



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