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How do I book a stall?

You can apply to have a stall by visiting our website and completing our stall holder’s forms. Once submitted a member of our team will be in touch.

How much does it cost to have a stall?

Prices for stalls vary based on the type of business you are. We have categorised pricing by commercial, small business and charity/not-for-profit. Prices can be found on the booking form.

What sort of things can I sell?

You should include what you plan to sell or the service you will offer on your initial application. Stalls are accepted based on this content to ensure what you offer at the event is unique and not the same as others. Items may include toys, gifts, sweets, cakes and baked goods etc.

Will I have access to power?

Power will not be provided for stall holders, if your service requires power you will need to provide your own generator for this.

Will I have access to running water?

Running water is available on-site but not directly available near stall holders. Stall holders will need to provide an appropriate container for storing water.

Do I need to provide my own gazebo?

Yes, all stall holders are required to provide their own gazebo or alternative shelter.

Are tables and chairs provided?

Tables and chairs are not provided, stall holders must bring with them everything they need for their stall.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, stall holders must have adequate insurance in place for the service they are offering. You will be required to provide this information prior to the event.

How is waste managed?

Each stall holder is responsible for their own waste created by their stall. If you are a caterer for example, you must provide adequate bins by your stall for customer use. There is nowhere on site to dispose of this so it must be taken away and disposed of accordingly.

Can I choose where I set up?

To an extent yes, stall holders will be directed to a specific area to set-up but we are open to discussions on arrival.

Can I take card payments?

Of course. We encourage stall holders to accept both cash and card to cater for all guests. Please note Wi-Fi is not available which some card terminals require to operate.

Can I park by my stall?

Unless your vehicle is a detrimental part of your set-up, you will be directed to park your vehicle in an allocated area.

What time can I arrive to set up?

Stall holders are welcome to arrive from 10:30am to set-up, but no later than 11:30am. On arrival, please speak with a member of the event management team.

Can I pack away early?

If you feel it is appropriate, you are welcome to pack up early, but please be aware any vehicle movement will be up to the discretion of the event management team to ensure public safety.

How much space will be available?

Each stall is allocated a maximum of 3m x 3m which is plenty of space for a standard gazebo.

I can no longer make the event...

We’re sorry to hear this, please let us know as soon as possible. Unfortunately stall fees are not refundable.

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