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The Junior DJ Project is a youth scheme we have developed to encourage young people to develop basic life skills through music. Learning to DJ helps children develop self-confidence, communication skills, and teamwork to discover a talent within. Our aim is to make music accessible to those that display an interest and create a fun environment for them to learn in, challenging young people to set and achieve personal goals.


The project runs in the form of a youth group on a Friday evening at Crawley Sea Cadets Building between 7-8:30pm, open to young people ages 6-12 years old. Junior DJ’s are first be taught basic mixing techniques before being shown advanced features of digital DJing and presented the opportunity to develop through discovery and experimenting, working alongside each other whilst  being looked after by our youth team. All of our Youth Leaders hold a current DBS check and between them have many years of experience working with children.


DreamCatcher Productions play an important role within the community arts development, engaging with local groups and committees providing PA Systems and background music for fetes, charity events etc. Once an inventory of skills, techniques and competency has been demonstrated, Junior DJ’s will be invited to join our events team delivering community engagement services. Here they will be able to use their newly found talents out in public.  Our Junior DJ’s are also invited to attend our large scale showcase events in the theatre and are selected based on not just their DJing skills, but their attitude, confidence, and character.

When: Friday evenings

Where: Sea Cadet Building, Longmere Road

West Green, Crawley, RH10 8ND

Time: 7pm - 8:30pm

Cost: £5 per session

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Being a part of the Junior DJ Project is an exclusive membership. The Junior DJ Project is not open for children to opt in and out week-on-week, or turn up without prior appointment.


Because of this your child may need to go on to a waiting list before being able to attend our sessions for the first time. Please complete the form following the link below below or download and email to:

Click here to complete online form


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The Junior DJ Project is designed to be as inclusive as possible and our team have combined experience working with additional needs and complex medical conditions, however our sessions may not be suitable for all.


To ensure the safety and well-being of all children at the Junior DJ Project and ensure we can meet a child's specific needs we operate a separate SEND register. This is so we can undertake a risk assessment based on the needs of our existing members and the ratios of youth leaders to children to ensure we can accommodate a child’s needs


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